Cruise Passenger In Coma In Italy Medical Insurance Not Enough To Get Him Home To USA $50,000 Short

Cruise Passenger In Coma In Italy Medical Insurance Not Enough To Get Him Home To USA $50,000 Short An 81 year old Grandfather from Indianapolis is in a medically induced coma in an Italian hospital. He was a passenger on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean when he suffered a major heart attack and stroke. His family has indicated that he was not to be revived as he has made is wishes known via a “DNR” or a Do Not Resuscitate notification. The health authorities in Italy do not honor these type of wishes and so the patient is in a coma until he will be returned back to the USA. The family has found out that his medical insurance will only cover half of the $100,000 cost.
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10 Replies to “Cruise Passenger In Coma In Italy Medical Insurance Not Enough To Get Him Home To USA $50,000 Short”

  1. This pattern may backfire. I am noticing it across all cruise commentators that I follow.

    There is a race to deliver every piece of bad news out there about people dying. I’m not sure that in the long run this will be wise.

    Also typical patterns in the YouTube community is to not monetize these videos.

    I am not some crazy Internet troll and I am posting this on all the channels that I follow.

  2. The Italians got this right. The cruise line insurance companies got this wrong. This video seems to be a sales pitch to increase insurance sales for the cruise line industries. Insurance companies should do their Fricking job & quit trying to find ways to stick it to the customer. If you purchased insurance for your car, the included coverage must meet a minimum coverage which protect individuals in case of an accident. If a passenger purchased cruise insurance, it should include coverage for all possibilities of what could go wrong on a cruise. It’s that simple, but it doesn’t happens because the cruise lines industries seems to be unregulated in too many ways and those unregulated ways hurt the passengers. I can promise you, this will not get better,,, It will only get worse and thats because of greed & too much unregulations that benefit the cruise lines & hurt the customers or passengers.

  3. They’re just going to bring him home to allow him to die anyway. Let the Italians worry about it.

  4. Could he just be transported to another European country and then the plug can be pulled there?

  5. Thats not true. I was stationed in Italy. My friend had a terrible car accident and was left brain dead. His parents flew over to see him and disconnect him from life support (civilian, Italian hospital). Something isnt right with this picture

  6. Go to 1:43 he could have been flown to Switzerland and then repatriated to the US.

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