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Features of International Travel Insurance.
Hello Friends. I am Vivek Pawar Welcoming you to Policy Planner. Today I will share the important features of International Travel insurance with you.
So, Stay with us for watching the video until the end. You will definitely get a benefit by knowing this features. So, let us look at all this features one by one.
1) International travel insurance is compulsory for taking a visa if you are planning to visit foreign countries.
2) It is available for the person of any age without any medical checkup.
3) It covers all pre-existing diseases from the first day.
4) An online policy is cheaper and can be easily taken.
5) As you know, in Foreign countries, the cost of Medical Treatment is very high. So you must buy the travel policy for getting appropriate cover according to your need. i.e. cover of $25000 thousand, $50000 thousand, $1,00,000 is available.
In this policy, the main cover is Death Cover, i.e. Accidental Death Cover or normal death cover is available.
6) The cover for Medical Evacuation, the cover for IPD & OPD is available.
7) In Travel Insurance, the different policies for different countries are available. The policies for African, European, USA, Worldwide and Worldwide policies excluding Canada are available. This policy cost us cheaper as it is designed for particular locations.
8) Policies for Single-trip and Multi-trips are available. i.e. either you should buy a policy for a single trip or buy a multi-trip policy. In multi-trip buy a policy for six months and you can visit the particular destination 2 times or more than 2 times/ 3 times.
9) Along with this, you will get a cover for the loss of baggage, loss of passport or ticket.
10) In case of delays or cancellation of flight and you want to convert your ticket from economy class to business class, then this thing also gets covered.
So friends. We have discussed all the important features. And We will bring you similar videos by which you will get good knowledge and benefit.
Thank you and bye-bye
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