New Mandatory Travel Insurance for Tourists in Thailand

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13 Replies to “New Mandatory Travel Insurance for Tourists in Thailand”

  1. Well I just took Thailand off my vacation list. I used to love visiting there every year. Now the Thai Govt seems to be telling me they don’t want tourist there any longer. I would tell everyone that visits there take a 1 year boycott and see how the Govt takes the lose of tourist money.

  2. What about if someone already has travel insurance that covers medical? Surely we wouldn’t need to pay the additional 20 baht per day.

    1. I would assume if you can prove that the insurance covers hospital stays in Thailand that would do it.

  3. Think it’s a good idea for 20 baht a day insurance , Incase someone gets sick or accident,but not pre-existing cases for visitors I would be happy to purchase the coverage

    1. I may be wrong but i believe it only covers accidental death not sickness. Tour operators etc in Thailand will also be required to indemnify against accidental death. You would think that they already do. TIT 555.

  4. This lot are not quite sure what they are doing at the best of time. Lets see how all this insurance business pans out. Thanks.

  5. Thank you again for another informative video. It is nice to know there is at least one quality Legal service here in the Kingdom.
    Who will be allowed to file the million baht insurance claim on a visitor of suspicious death that has arrived alone with no contact information? My thinking is that this plan will put more lone travelers at risk .Thai mafia operators will see this as a get rich quick and easy murder made to look like a slip and fall death…
    Embassies should take a very serious look into this insurance plan.

  6. On this whole health insurance thing i read recently that South Korea is going to require foreigners living in the country for six months or more to sign up for the state health service same as the locals. Cost about $90 month. Seems pretty good to me although not if you’re one of the private health insurance sharks of course.

  7. What if you have insurance already? Every trip I pay for my own travel insurance… cost more than 20baht. Lol

  8. 20 baht for 30 days with million baht coverage. So a retired expat will be expected to pay 40 thousand baht annually for half the coverage… we will wait to see how it goes.

  9. The primary thing to take away from this is the Insurance industry has a close relationship with the government.

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