Where I break down the benefits and why you need insurance for your travels, plus give you an overview of brand new Cruise Travel Insurance Plans!

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DISCLAIMER: This video was sponsored by Nationwide. I have not personally used any of Nationwide’s travel insurance products. All thoughts, opinions and reviews are of my own.

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Travel insurance plans from Nationwide are available to U.S.
residents only. Nationwide’s single trip travel insurance plans,
including the cruise travel insurance plans, are available in all 50
states and D.C, The Annual/Multi-Trip plans, however, are not
available in WA, OR, NY, NH or FL. Not all plan benefits are available
in all states. Specific benefit amounts vary by plan and certain
restrictions may apply; please check the specific plan for coverage
details before purchasing. Eligibility requirements must be met for certain benefits. Always read your policy before purchasing.


  1. My mom doesn’t want me to get it, but I’m definitely getting insurance for the both of us when we go overseas to Korea!

  2. *sponsored video but hasn’t actually used the insurance..? what? these ad videos across YT are getting out of hand* :L

  3. Thank you Nadine. We are covered thru our exclusive private travel membership with these types of services, and it’s cool that even when we purchase any travel service, the cost turns into points good for cash usable for 10 years on just about anything, travel or non travel. So we get the best of the best that isn’t offered anywhere else. Love your video and your spirit! God bless you Sis!

  4. Nadine u r so pretty and funny! Love watching ur videos! Come to Turin for make a youtube video with me! I wanna meet u 😁 and im sure it will be a safe trip 💪

  5. Well, ill never take those….here’s a short story why.

    A guy took his gf for an island for vacation, he took traveling insurance for both of them as he always does while traveling.

    While having fun on the beach they decided to swim, the ocean was kinda rough and windy, the girlfriend went deep in the water and vanished. After massive search they announced that she is probably drowned in the ocean, she was never found and pronounced dead, now the guy is accused of murdering and they think he did it for the money “The insurance he took in the airport prior to their departure” 

    It’s a true story.

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