Travel insurance and residency overseas / Citizenship questions

Have a question regarding whether you are a U.S. resident if you are residing overseas? What is a “U.S. Citizen” versus a “U.S. resident”? What if the country I am in does not consider me an official resident of that nation, or I am still on a tourist visa, but living there overseas? What should I put on my travel insurance application online?

What travel insurance plan should I get?
Can I travel “home” (to my country of citizenship) on a travel insurance plan and be covered in case of an emergency or I need to see a doctor?

We clear up all these questions in this short video and at

Primarily, insurance cares about where you are actually, physically living/residing, whether or not that country considers you a resident officially. Insurance does not care about official status.
Think of it as Where your trip is originating FROM and where you will be RETURNING TO.

Some insurance plans are based on your citizenship.
Others are based on where you are residing.

Either way, we have plans that can help you. WE CAN COVER NON-U.S. traveling “home” or abroad, or coming to the USA. We can help U.S. citizens living overseas and needing insurance for a trip to the USA or anywhere in the world, as well as those currently in the USA looking to travel overseas.

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